Sam Kerr Football

Coach FAQs

Business owners do not require any specific coaching accreditation. Coaches need to meet minimum legislative standards and the approval of the technical support team at SKF.

Sam Kerr Football coaches are required to go through a comprehensive onboarding process before stepping on to the pitch. Onboarding includes learning about Sam's mission, the Sam Kerr Football delivery model and the resources available to empower you to deliver sessions to Sam's standards.

Sam Kerr Football coaches at all our schools are kitted out with coaches uniforms, to be worn at all times while representing Sam Kerr Football.

Each Sam Kerr Football School has all the equipment needed to deliver world-class training sessions. You do not need to have or invest in any personal equipment to coach with us.

Coaching with Sam Kerr Football creates stable and flexible work opportunities for high quality coaches. Sam's vision is that there will be full time coaching roles at Sam Kerr Football Schools that will develop develop over time at each location.

Coaches are employed and paid by the individual Sam Kerr Football School.

Yes, where schedules allow, you can coach at more than one Sam Kerr Football School. Please discuss your ideal working arrangements with your local school.

Yes, where schedules allow, you can continue to coach at other centres. Sam Kerr Football is designed to provide stable and regular income for elite coaches so you can prioritise your position at Sam Kerr Football. However we understand that this will vary based on individual commitments and locations.