Sam Kerr Football

The Program

Football Program

Sam Kerr Football provides a prescriptive but flexible football curriculum, and broader health and wellbeing lessons that are fundamental to developing young players.

Coaches have unlimited access to training plans and sessions designed by Australia’s leading football experts and supported by Sam Kerr. In addition, owners and coaches have direct support from lead coaches at Sam Kerr Football who support them in developing the next generation of talent.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Sam Kerr Football partners with the LifeChanger Foundation to empower aspiring young footballers to live thriving, resilient lives. The LifeChanger program develops players social, emotional and resilience skills, and builds connections in their community.

Players learn implementable strategies to support positive wellbeing such as developing self-awareness, overcoming adversity, regulating emotions and the role their mindset plays in their success – in sport and life.

Physical Wellbeing

Sam Kerr Football player development includes in-depth physical wellbeing guidance to help players thrive. Players learn how to care holistically for their bodies from a young age, giving them tools that will support them to be their physical best.

The wellbeing syllabus includes nutritional profiling, understanding the needs of an athlete’s body, how to fuel for performance, the importance of rest and recovery and injury management.

The Digital World

As players develop, managing their media profile, both online and through traditional mediums, is fundamental.

From debut, professional players need to be confident delivering media interviews, analysing performance and adding insightful commentary, often while managing the emotions of winning and losing.

The Sam Kerr Football program includes age-appropriate digital and traditional media training, including presentation and confidence skills, live interviews and experiences, and an understanding of the longevity of media moments and how they can impact players years after first being shared.